A Look At Knob And Tube Wiring: Some Facts


Knob and tube wiring or K&T wiring is one of the old methods of wiring that was used in the olden day homes, when there was less power consumption. In the present times, with the advancement of the technology, homes consume a lot of electricity and homeowners’ uses insulation to increase the energy efficiency of the home. The insulation of the home and K&T wiring doesn’t get along as there is a major fire hazard issue. If you are someone who wants to know more about the knob and tube wiring, then you have definitely come to the right place as this article will take a look at knob and tube wiring and the facts of this particular wiring arrangement.


Knob and tube wiring: what are some facts?


  • Even though modern wiring does carry some risks along with it, the K&T wiring is potentially more hazardous in nature. The issue of its unsafe nature stems from the improper modification, age, chances of physical damage and insulation.
  • In this arrangement of wiring, there is no bond wire, i.e. ground wire and therefore, this arrangement of wiring will not be able to provide any service to the three prong outlets and other modern appliances.
  • This method is considered as obsolete and one should definitely replace this old method of wiring from the house in order to ensure the safety of the house.
  • In this method of wiring, there is insulated copper conductors are passed through the drilled holes in the wood via the porcelain insulating tubes. The porcelain knobs nailed or screwed to wooden structure to support the insulated copper conductors. As the wires enter the wiring device, i.e. appliances, or if they are pulled into a wall, they are protected by the flexible cloth or rubber insulation, which is known as loom.
  • There are various issues associated with this type of wiring and this is mainly because it is an outdated wiring system.
  • The conductors of this wiring system tend to stretch and sag and become more inefficient over a period of time.
  • This wiring system is spliced with more modern wiring system and this is where issues are created. When the wires are flexed, the insulation may crack and peel away.
  • The older system consists of contained insulation with the additives which may oxidize the copper wire.
  • The older methods consisted of insulating the wires with the varnish and fiber materials which can easily deteriorate over a period of time.
  • This wiring method is designed for dissipating the heat into the free air and the insulation used in the building will interfere with this system of wiring, causing overheating issues.
  • Many homeowners tend to opt for amateur modification for the upgrade knob & tube wiring, creating more problems and the misapplication with this type of wiring will prevent the fuse to blow up when the fuse should blow up and this will cause issues.

If one is searching for the best electrician to replace this old wiring system and don’t know how to start looking for the best electrician, then the next section will definitely help one with the search.


How to look for the best electrician to replace this old wiring system:

  • First of all, one will need to start their search with the internet as most of the top electricians can also be found from internet. All one will need to do is to type the required keyword in the search engine, which will fetch the top search results of the top electricians. Other ways to find the top electricians is to ask in any helpful forums found online, where the helpful members will be able to suggest any top electrician, who is capable of removing or fixing this old wiring system without any hassle. Another best way to look for one is to ask friends and family members for recommendations, who will be able to recommend according to the service of the electricians that they have used.
  • The next thing that one will need to do is to read the customer reviews of the electricians online. This is one of the best ways to know the type and the quality of the services provided by the electrician.
  • The next thing that one will need to do is to visit the website of the electrician and take a look whether the electrician offers the expertise in the old wiring system. If not, one should not hire the electrician. It is very important that this old wiring system is handled by an electrician who is expert in the old wiring systems. Otherwise, there will be issues with the wiring and if the wiring is handled by an amateur or by anyone who doesn’t have the slightest idea about how to handle the old wiring system, it can cause a lot of problem. For example: if one is hiring an electrician who has not much idea of how to handle the old wiring system and this person takes care of the old wiring and fix it, there is a huge chance of various types of issues occurring, such as: catching fire.
  • The next thing one will need to do is to contact the suitable electrician and the electrician can take a quick look of the wiring system and one can get a quick quote from the electrician, which will help one to get a good idea about how much to spend to fix or replace the old electrical wiring system.
  • In case if one finds out that the wires have been exposed due to wearing out, the wires or the joints were overheated, the ceramic joints cracked, rubber covering of the wire brittle and worn out or submerged or extensively soaked, then it is best to get it replaced to minimize the issues that can be caused later on and also for one’s safety.
  • Always make sure that the electrician is licensed and certified.